Why Us

Choosing us

As we have previously managed businesses, we understand the difficulty in obtaining a reliable and professional testing and tagging service. 

We see ourselves more than just tradesmen, we are Professional Service Providers. 

Our equipment is the latest generation of testers that combines the latest handheld instruments and wireless record keeping. 

We achieve this through a process where:

  • Individual results of the tests on your equipment are downloaded and can be accessed if, and, when required.
  • The software linked with our test equipment produces a clear and concise report for your records. 
  • The software will also produce a reminder notice which relieves you of the burden of trying to remember when your testing is due. 
  • We will contact you before your testing expires and work out the most suitable time to update your testing.

We pride ourselves on the high level of service that we provide. Should any issue arise, we are available to assist you resolve it as efficiently as possible.